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The American Blower Company was founded in 1881 (incorporated 1885) by M. C. Huyett and W. D. Smith in Detroit, Michigan. Its industry was ventilating fans, blowers and steam engines and its headquarters remained in Detroit, Michigan. The firm was acquired by the American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corporation in 1927. In 1957, American Blower was reorganized as a division of American-Standard, and two years later was consolidated with two other divisions: Kewanee Boiler and Ross Heat Exchanger, which became the Industrial Division.

In 1981, the American Blower operation was purchased by the Davidson Fan Company of Ireland, which subsequently changed their name to American-Davidson, Inc. That firm was purchased by James Howden & Company of Scotland in 1988. The following year the Dearborn plant was closed. The fan product lines were sold to International Industrial Fan, Inc. and subsequently Alphair Ventilating Systems, Inc. in 2001. The "American Blower" line was later dropped.



  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Dearborn, Michigan
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • San Leandro, California
  • Troy, New York


  • Canadian Sirocco Company, Ltd. (Windsor, Ontario)


Huyett & Smith Manufacturing Company (1881-1885)

American Blower Company (1885-1927)

American Blower Corporation (1927-1957)

American Blower Division (1957-1959)


  • "A B C" Disc Ventilating Fans
  • "A B C" Exhaust Fans
    • Type "P" Special Steel Pressure Blower
  • "A B C" Moist Air Dry Kilns
  • "A B C" Vertical Self-Oiling Steam Engines
    • Type "A" Single Cylinder (up to 60 H.P.)
    • Type "E" Double Cylinder (up to 120 H.P.)
    • Type "X" Compound (up to 120 H.P.)
  • "Detroit" Automatic Return Steam Traps
  • "Sirocco" Combined Air Purifier, Cooler & Humidifier
  • "Sirocco" Multi-Blade Fans
  • Type "V" Universal Blowers & Exhausters
  • "Ventura" Electric Ventilating Set