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The American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corporation was formed in 1929 as a result of a merger between the American Radiator Company and Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. Its industry was heating and plumbing (currently building materials) and its headquarters were in New York City, New York, (1929-1988), Piscataway, New Jersey (1988-2007) and La Crosse, Wisconsin (2007-present). In 1988, the company was acquired by Kelso & Company who formed the ASI Holding Corporation to merge with American Standard. In 1995, the company's name was changed to American Standard Companies Inc. after going public again.

In 2007, the company was divested into three divisions: kitchen and bath division (sold to Bain Capital, LP, later becoming American Standard Brands and Ideal Standard International), vehicle controls division (spun off as WABCO Vehicle Control Systems) and HVAC division which the company retained and changed its name to reflect its new focus. In late-2007 the company was acquired by the Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd.



  • American Standard International Inc.
  • Detroit Controls Corporation
  • Mullins Manufacturing Corporation (1956-1962)
    • Youngstown Kitchens Division
  • Trane Company (1984-2007)
  • Tyler Refrigeration Corporation
  • Westinghouse Air Brake International Corporation



  • American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corporation (1929-1967)
  • American Standard Inc. (1967-1995)
  • American Standard Companies Inc. (1995-2007)
  • Trane Inc. (2007-present)


  • "American" Boilers (Coal, Gas or Oil)
    • Cast Iron
    • Steel
  • "American" Radiators
  • "Arcoflame" Oil Heating Unit
    • No. 8
  • Heating Accessories
  • "Standard" Plumbing Fixtures
    • Master Pembroke Bath / One-Piece Closet / Companion Lavatory
  • "Sunbeam" Warm-Air Furnace
  • Water Heaters (Coal or Gas)
  • "Winter" Air Conditioning Units