The American Tobacco Company was founded in 1890 by J. B. Duke and the merger between W. Duke & Sons, Allen & Ginter, W. S. Kimball & Company, Kinney Tobacco and Goodwin & Company. Its industry was tobacco and its headquarters was in Durham, North Carolina. Because of concern over the health benefits of tobacco, a holding company called American Brands, Inc. was created to diverse into more divisions in 1969. Brown & Williamson acquired American Tobacco`s tobacco industry in 1994 and the rest was sold to British American Tobacco.



  • Between The Acts Little Cigars
  • "Bull" Durham Smoking Tobacco
  • Lucky Strike Cigarettes (1905-1976)
  • Pall Mall Cigarettes (1907-1994)
  • Patterson's Tuxedo Tobacco
  • Tareyton Cigarettes (1954-1994)


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