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Show & salesroom at 2128 Broadway, NY.

The Auto Improvement Company was founded on September 13, 1905 by Conrad Hobart, F. J. Alvin, and C. J. Coleman in New York City, New York. Its industry was automotive accessories and its headquarters remained in New York City, New York. The firm dissolved in June 1911.


  • "Ever Ready" Automatic Engine Starter
  • "Ever Ready" Autometer
  • "Ever Ready" Carburetor
  • "Ever Ready" Speedometers
    • "Autocrat-Twin"
    • "Cyclometer"
    • "Milometer"
    • "Roadster"
    • "Runabout-Twin"
    • "Tourometer"
    • "Universal"
  • "Ever Ready" Tachometers
    • "Twin"
  • "Ever Ready" Vulcanizers
    • Car Model
    • Standard "B"
  • "Ever Ready" Tire Tool


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