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The B. V. D. Company was founded in 1877 by Bradley S. Voorhees and Lyman H. Day in New York City, New York. Its industry is underwear and its headquarters are in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was acquired by the Atlas Underwear Company in 1930. In 1951 it was acquired by Superior Mills. It was sold to Fruit of the Loom, Inc. in 1976 and merged into its Anvil line of clothing (Anvil Brand, Inc.) a year later. Today, BVD is still marketed as a brand of clothing by Fruit of the Loom.

The B.V.D. Corporation was founded in 1928 as a holding company for the B.V.D. company and its subsidiaries.


  • B.V.D. Company, Ltd. (Quebec)


Bradley S. Voorhees (predecessor firm)

Bradley, Voorhees & Day Manufacturing Company (1877-1908)

B. V. D. Company (1908-1977)


  • B.V.D. Swim Suits