Bassick Company


The Bassick Company was founded in 1879 by Samuel A. Burns in New York City, New York. Its industry was metal casting and automotive products and its headquarters were in New York City, New York (1879-1895) and Bridgeport, Connecticut (1895-1962). The firm consolidated with the M. B. Schenck Company and Universal Caster & Foundry Company in 1917, forming the Bassick Company. In 1923 the company was acquired by the Stewart-Warner Corporation and was operated as a division until its Spring Valley plant closed in 1987. In 1994, the "Bassick" trademark was acquired by Kaspar Wire Works, Inc., and in 2001 by the Shepherd Casters Corporation.

The Bassick Manufacturing Company was founded in 1919 by Edgar W. Bassick as a subsidiary which manufactured lubricating products under the "Alemite" name. It took over the operations of the Alemite Die & Casting Company. It was based from Chicago, Illinois. In 1928, it changed its name to Alemite Manufacturing Company, and in 1931, to Alemite Corporation. Later it became known as the Alemite Division, which shut down in 1987.



  • Alemite Corporation
  • Alemite Products Company of Canada, Ltd.


  • Belleville, Ontario
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Meriden, Connecticut
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Spring Valley, Illinois


  • Samuel A. Burns Company (1879-1885)
  • Burns, Silver & Company (1885-1909)
  • Burns & Bassick Company (1909-1917)
  • Bassick Company (1917-1962)
  • Bassick Division (1962-1987)


  • "Alemite" Chassis Lubricant
  • "Alemite" Gear Flusher
  • "Alemite" Graphite Penetrating Oil
  • "Bassick" Steel Truck Casters
  • "Diamond Velvet" Furniture Casters (feltoid or fibre wheels)
  • Hospital Bed Casters



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