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Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. was founded on January 1st, 1925 in New York City, New York as the American Telephone and Telegram Company research division. Its headquarters were in New York City, New York (1925-1967) and Murray Hill, New Jersey (1967-present).

To begin with, it was owned by both AT&T and the Western Electric Company. It was acquired by AT&T Technologies, Inc. in 1984. It combined with AT&T Technologies in 1996 to form Lucent Technologies, Inc. Lucent merged with Alcatel SA in 2006 to form Alcatel-Lucent, who owned Bell Labs until it was acquired by the Nokia Corporation in 2016.


Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. (1925-1984)

AT&T Bell Laboratories, Inc. (1984-1996)

Lucent Bell Laboratories, Inc. (1996-2007)

Bell Laboratories (Bell Labs) (2007-2016)

Nokia Bell Labs (2016-present)

Bell Telephone Laboratories headquarters in New York City, NY.