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The Birdsboro Steel Foundry & Machine Company was founded on October 20, 1869 by Edward Brooke, John McManus, George Brooke, Horatio Trexler, John S. Schroeder and Samuel E. Griscom in Reading, Pennsylvania. Its industry was hydraulic presses and rolling mill equipment and its headquarters were in Reading, Pennsylvania (1869-1870), Pottsville, Pennsylvania (1870-1885) and Birdsboro, Pennsylvania (1885-1987). It merged with Universal Major Electric Appliances, Inc. in 1956. In 1968, the firm was acquired by the Pennsylvania Engineering Corporation. It shut down operations in 1987.

The buildings in which the Pennsylvania Diamond Drill Company moved to in Birdsboro were previously operated by the Birdsboro Iron Foundry Company. The firm was incorporated on April 30, 1868 by Edward and George Brooke in the vicinity of what would become Birdsboro in 1872. The company's buildings were acquired by their other foundry, the E. & G. Brooke Iron Company, in 1871. E. & G. Iron had its beginnings in 1740, established by William Bird as the New Pine Forge. In 1875, the Birdsboro Iron Foundry Company dissolved, and the property was later occupied by the Pennsylvania Diamond Drill Company in 1885, moving there from Pottsville, Pennsylvania.


  • Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
  • Reading, Pennsylvania


NOTE: Between 1869 and 1905, the firm was commonly referred to as Diamond Drill Works

  • Pennsylvania Diamond Drill Company (1869-1888)
  • Pennsylvania Diamond Drill & Manufacturing Company (1888-1894)
  • Diamond Drill & Manufacturing Company (1894-1905)
  • Birdsboro Steel Foundry & Machine Company (1905-1960)
  • Birdsboro Corporation (1960-1987)


  • Buchanan Crushing & Concentrating Machinery
  • Castings
    • Air Furnace Iron
    • Grey Iron
    • Open Hearth Steel
    • Semi-Steel
  • Chilled Iron Pump & Press Plungers
  • Furnace Castings
  • Heavy Duty Roll Lathes
    • 26"
  • Hydraulic Presses & Accumulators
  • Ingot, Charging & Billet Cars
  • Jackson Belt-Lacing Machines
  • Rolling Mill Machinery
  • Rolls
    • Carbon & Alloy Steel
    • Chilled Iron
    • Durite
    • Sand Iron