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[[Category:Companies founded in 1865]]
[[Category:Companies founded in 1865]]
[[Category:Companies of Connecticut]]
[[Category:Companies of Bridgeport, CT.]]
[[Category:Companies of Indiana]]
[[Category:Companies of Indianapolis, IN.]]
[[Category:Telephone & Clock Bells]]
[[Category:Telephone & Clock Bells]]

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The Bridgeport Brass Company was founded on November 2, 1865 by Daniel W. Kissam, John Davol and Samuel R. Wilmot in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Its industry was brass products and its headquarters were in Bridgeport, Connecticut (1865-1980) and Indianapolis, Indiana (1980-1988). It was acquired by the National Distillers & Chemical Corporation in 1961. The Bridgeport plant was shut down in 1980 and the company was reorganized as the Bridgeport Brass Corporation in 1984. In 1986, the company was sold to SerVass Investment Inc., and in 1988 to the Olin Corporation who implemented it into its Olin Brass Corporation.


  • Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Bryan, Ohio
  • Mitchell, Indiana



Bridgeport Brass Company (1865-1984)

Bridgeport Brass Corporation (1984-1988)


  • Bridgeport Bicycle & Motorcycle Pumps
  • Plumrite Brass Pipe
  • "Search-Light" Gas Lamp
  • "Stapley" Automobile Tire Pump