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Northern Chemical Engineering Laboratories was founded in 1910 by Charles F. Burgess in Madison, Wisconsin. Its industry was batteries and its headquarters were in Madison, Wisconsin (1910-1938) and Chicago, Illinois (1938-1945). Its name was changed to C. F. Burgess Laboratories, Inc. in 1911. The company dissolved on July 10, 1944.

The Burgess Battery Company was founded on March 2, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois as a subsidiary of C. F. Burgess Laboratories with its plant in Madison, Wisconsin. The company relocated to Freeport, Illinois in 1938. The company was acquired by Servel, Inc. on December 23, 1958. In 1967, Servel merged with the Clevite Corporation and the latter name was retained. Clevite was then merged with Gould-National Batteries, Inc. in 1970, forming Gould, Inc. In 1974 it was acquired by Charles Pindyck Inc. The company shut down operations in 1989 and its assets were liquidated.


  • Freeport, Illinois
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Woodruff, South Carolina


  • Burgess Battery Company (1917-1958)
  • Burgess Battery Division (1958-1974)
    • also dba Burgess Battery-Gould, Inc. from 1970-1974
  • Burgess, Inc. (1974-1989)


  • "Burgess" Flashlight Batteries
  • "Burgess" Radio Batteries ("A")
  • "Burgess Vibro-Tool"