The Campbell Corn Drill Company was founded in 1839 by brothers Alexander, William, and James Campbell in Harrison, Ohio. Its industry was agricultural implements (currently air compressors and related equipment) and its headquarters were in Harrison, Ohio (1839-1910), West Harrison, Indiana (1910-1965) and back to Harrison, Ohio (1965-present).In 1920, the company merged with the Ohio Pattern Works & Foundry Company, forming the Campbell Hausfeld Company. In 1971 it was acquired by the Scott Fetzer Company. Campbell Hausfeld was purchased by the Marmon Group, Inc. in 2015.


  • Harrison, Ohio (est. 1839)
  • Leitchfield, Kentucky (est. 1979)
  • Mt. Juliet, Tennessee (est. 1984)
  • West Harrison, Indiana (est. 1910)


James Campbell (1839-1900)

Campbell Corn Drill Company (1900-1911)

Campbell Brothers Manufacturing Company (1911-1920)

Campbell Hausfeld Company (1920-present)


  • Bean Drills
  • Bean Planters
  • Combined Cotton & Corn Drills
  • Corn Drills
  • Cotton Drills
  • Pea Drills
  • Pea Planters


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