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The Cardwell Machine Company was founded in 1829 (incorporated February 28, 1890) by Jabez Parker in Richmond, Virginia. Its industry was hydraulic presses and tobacco processing plants (originally agricultural implements) and its headquarters remained in Richmond, Virginia. It was acquired by Griffin & Company in 2000, which was renamed Griffin Cardwell Ltd.


Baldwin, Cardwell & Company was founded in January 1855 by John W. Cardwell and H. R. Baldwin in Richmond, Virginia as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Its name changed to John W. Cardwell & Company in 1858. In 1865, its name was changed to Cardwell & Freedley after Samuel Freedley joined the firm, and it acquired the business of H. M. Smith. In 1870, the firm became J. W. Cardwell & Company. The two companies were combined under the name Cardwell Machine Company in 1890.


  • Jabez Parker (1829-1846)
  • Parker & Smith (1846-1854)
  • H. M. Smith (1854-1865)
  • H. M. Smith & Company (1865-1890)
  • Cardwell Machine Company (1890-2000)