The Charles B. Knox Gelatine Company was founded in 1890 by Charles B. and Rose M. Knox in Johnstown, New York. Its industry was unflavored gelatine and its headquarters remained in Johnstown, New York. In 1972 the company was acquired by the Lipton Tea Company and operated until 1986.

The successor to the firm, Kind & Knox, was founded as the Swiss Gelatin Company in Camden, New Jersey. Its name was changed to Kind & Landesmann Gelatin Company in 1908. In May 1916, the firm combined operations with the Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co., becoming the manufacturing arm of the company, and changed its name to Kind & Knox Gelatin Company. It was acquired by Lipton Tea in 1972 and by DGS Stoess AG in 1992. A plant was built in Sioux City, Iowa in 1978 and became the firms headquarters in 1993. It changed its name to Gelita USA Inc. in 2003.


Charles B. Knox Company (1890-1916)

Charles B. Knox Gelatine Company (1916-1958)

Knox Gelatine, Inc. (1958-1972)


  • Knox No. 1 Sparkling Gelatine
  • Knox No. 3 Acidulated Gelatine


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