Chemical Construction Company


The Chemical Construction Company, also known as Chemico, was founded on December 11, 1914 by Peter S. Gilchrist, Ingenuin Hechenbleikner, Thomas C. Oliver and A. Mangum Webb in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its industry involved the construction of chemical plants and its headquarters were in Charlotte, North Carolina (1914-1933) and New York City, New York (1933-1984).

In 1930, it was acquired by the Duke Power Company and was subsequently sold to the American Cyanamid Company and operated as a subsidiary. In 1956, the firm's ownership was transferred to the Electric Bond & Share Company (EBASCO). It was acquired by the Boise Cascade Corporation in 1969 and was later sold to the Aerojet-General Corporation in 1973. The company shut down its operations in 1984.


  • Chemical Construction (G.B.), Ltd. (London, England)
  • Chemico Engineering Company, Ltd. (Japan)


  • Chemical Construction Company (1914-1930)
  • Chemical Construction Corporation (1930-1984)
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