Clark-Cleveland, Inc.

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Clark-Cleveland, Inc. was founded on May 14, 1930 by Carlton A. Cleveland and John C. Clark in Binghamton, New York. Its industry was pharmaceuticals and toiletries and its headquarters remained in Binghamton, New York. On January 1, 1969 the business was acquired by Richardson-Merrell, Inc. and its operations were consolidated into its Vicks Chemical division. By 1971, the Binghamton plant was shut down.


  • Clark-Cleveland, Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario)


Fasteeth, Inc. (1930-1939)

Clark-Cleveland, Inc. (1930-1969)


  • Fasteeth Denture Powder (first sold in 1927 out of Albany, NY.)
  • Fixodent Denture Stabilizer
  • Kleenite Denture Cleaner
  • Quest Deodorant Powder
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