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The Dr. Peter Fahrney & Sons Company was founded in 1869 (incorporated July 19, 1889) by Peter Fahrney in Keedysville, Maryland. The business started off as a branch of Dr. D. Fahrney & Son, a firm operated by his uncle, David Fahrney, in Hagerstown, Maryland. In late 1870, Dr. Fahrney moved to Chicago, Illinois and established a laboratory. Its industry was medicines and laxatives and its headquarters remained in Chicago, Illinois. It was sold to the Purdue Frederick Company in 1966 who later sold it to a New York investor in 1977.


  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Keedysville, Maryland (1869-1870)
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba


Dr. Peter Fahrney (1869-1889)

Dr. Peter Fahrney & Sons Company (1889-1977)


  • Dr. Fahrney's Teething Syrup
  • Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer
  • Dr. Peter's Gomozo
  • Dr. Peter's Hoboko
  • Dr. Peter's Kuriko
  • Dr. Peter's Lozogo
  • Dr. Peter's Novoro
  • Dr. Peter's Zokoro
  • Forni's Alpenkrauter
  • Forni's Heil-Oel Liniment
  • Forni's Magolo
  • Senamed