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E. Fougera & Company was founded in 1849 (incorporated 1912) by Edmond and Stanislov Fougera in Long Island, New York. Its industry is importing and preparing pharmaceuticals and its headquarters have remained in Long Island, New York.

It was acquired by Byk Gulden, Inc., a subsidiary of Byk Gulden GmbH in 1963. In 1984, Byk Gulden reorganized its U.S. pharmaceutical subsidiaries into a new firm, Altana, Inc. and Fougera was placed in the Byk Gulden Pharma Group. This became the Altana Pharma Group in 1997. In 2006, Altana was acquired by Nycomed A/S and the Fougera operation was spun off into Nycomed US, Inc. It was purchased by an investment group led by the Nordic Capital Corporation in 2011. It was sold to Sandoz, Inc., a subsidiary of Novartis AG a year later.


E. & S. Fougera (1849-1866)

E. Fougera (1866-1871)

E. Fougera & Company (1871-present)


  • "Magitex" Bubble Shampoo
  • Mustard Plasters