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The Empire Foundry & Harvester Works, formerly known simply as the Empire Foundry, was founded in 1870 by H. B. Williamson and C. S. Cary in Marysville, California. Its industry involved manufacturing agricultural, milling and mining machinery, etc. and its place of operation remained in Marysville, California. It also made castings in bronze, cast iron and aluminum and offered machine work and acetylene welding on the side. The operation was sold to Richard Hoskin in 1878. In 1910 the foundry was purchased by John "Jack" S. Collins and in August 1924 it was sold to J. C. McGinnis. The operation closed down in 1927 and the foundry was torn down and its patterns were sold to C. H. Powell.


  • 5th & F Streets, Marysville, CA.


  • "American Chief" Gang-Plow
  • "Driver" Corn Harvester
  • Engine Boilers
  • "Hoskin" Hydraulic Giant & Deflector
  • "Little Giant" Hydraulic Mining Machine
  • Mining Monitors
  • Pumps
  • Steam Engines