The Florence Stove Company was founded on November 15, 1890 by John C. Hammond following a consolidation of seventeen oil and gas stove companies including the Florence Machine Company, American Oil Stove Company, Monitor Oil Stove Company and Union Gas & Oil Stove Company. Its industry was kitchen appliances and lawn and turf equipment and its headquarters were in Florence, Massachusetts (1890-1892), Gardner, Massachusetts (1892-1954) and Kankakee, Illinois (1954-?). In 1956, its Gardner plant was shut down, and in 1957, its Lewisburg plant was sold to the Heil-Quaker Corporation. In 1958, the company merged with the Newark Ohio Company. It was also then when the company acquired the stove business of the George D. Roper Corporation, adopting its name.


  • Florence, Michigan
  • Gardner, Michigan
  • Greenwich, Connecticutt
  • Jackson, Michigan
  • Kankakee, Illinois
  • Lewisburg, Tennessee
  • Newark, Ohio


Central Oil & Gas Stove Company (1890-1924)

Florence Stove Company (1924-1958)


  • Bottled Gas Ranges
  • Combination Ranges
  • Electric Ranges
  • Gas Ranges
  • Oil Ranges


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