The Glidden Company was founded in 1875 by Francis H. Glidden, Levi C. Brackett and Thomas N. Bolles in Cleveland, Ohio. Its industry is paint and its headquarters were in Cleveland, Ohio (1875-1967) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1967, the company was merged with the SCM Corporation and became a division. It was acquired by Imperial Chemical Industries PLC in 1986, and later by AkzoNobel N. V. in 2008. In 2013, the brand was purchased by PPG Industries, Inc.


Glidden, Brackett & Company (1875-1877)

Glidden & Joy Varnish Company (1877-1894)

Glidden Varnish Company (1894-1917)

Glidden Company (1917-1967)

Glidden-Durkee Division (1967-1986)


  • Cement Coatings
  • Endurance (Mission) Wood Stains
  • Glidden's Green Label Varnishes
  • Jap-A-Lac Varnishes
  • "Time-Tested" Paints
  • Waterproof Flat Wall Finishes
  • White Enamels


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