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The Ideal Clamp Manufacturing Company was founded in 1913 by Philip Rauch, Sr. in Brooklyn, New York. Its industry is worm gear, hose clamps and related products and its headquarters were in Brooklyn, New York (1913-1986), St. Augustine, Florida (1986-2009), and Smyrna, Tennessee (2009-present).

The company was acquired by the Parker-Hannifin Corporation in 1971. In 1997, the firm was acquired by Tomkins plc and became part of its Industrial & Automotive Group. It was purchased by Industrial Growth Partners in 2011 and the "Ideal" and "Tridon" brands were merged together. Ideal Tridon Holdings, Inc. was formed in 2011 as a holding concern. In 2017 the company was acquired by the Snow Phipps Group.


  • Ideal Clamp Manufacturing Company (1913-1947)
  • Ideal Corporation (1947-1979)
  • Ideal Clamp Products, Inc. (1979-present)


  • "Ideal" Dry Battery Connector
  • "Ideal" Hose Clamps
  • "Ideal" Pump Hose Band Assortment
  • License Brackets
  • Pump Hose Bands
  • Ring Terminals
  • Slip Grip Terminals
  • Switch Keys for Ford Cars