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110-118 N. Peoria St., Chicago, IL.

J. W. Allen & Company was founded in 1881 (incorporated 1906) by John W. Allen in Chicago, Illinois. Its industry was bakers' and confectioners' supplies and its headquarters were in Chicago, Illinois (1881-1977) and Wheeling, Illinois (1977-1999). In 1999, the firm was sold to the Rich Products Corporation of Buffalo, New York, which in turn kept some lines of J. W. Allen mixes, icings and fillers to market.


  • Van Buren & Clinton Streets, Chicago, IL. (1881-1900)
  • 208-210 W. Washington Boulevard, Chicago, IL. (1900-1910)
  • 110-118 N. Peoria Street, Chicago, IL. (1910-1977)
  • Wheeling, IL. (1977-1999)


  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Morristown, Tennessee
  • Wheeling, Illinois