The Kalamazoo Stove & Furnace Company was founded on July 12, 1901 by Edward Woodbury, George Bardeen, and William S., James, and Charles Dewing. Its industry was cooking/heating stoves and furnaces and its headquarters were in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Its stove and range business was sold to the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation in 1952 an the remaining assets were liquidated. The assets were acquired by a group of investors led by Clyde C. Whitcomb in February 1953.


Kalamazoo Stove Company (1901-1937)

Kalamazoo Stove & Furnace Company (1937-1956)

Asset 1-100-1593875887


  • Coal & Wood Heaters
  • Coal & Wood Ranges
  • Combination Gas/Coal/Wood Ranges
  • Electric Ranges
  • Furnaces
  • Gas Ranges
  • Oil Heaters


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