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Manufacturer of forged tools based from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


John C. Klein (1856-1868)

Klein, Logan & Company (1868-1891)

Klein-Logan Company, Inc. (1891-1968+) NOTE: re: 1967...

My grandfather and namesake, Fred R. Klein, was President of Klein-Logan Co. Inc. until his death in the early 1930's; I have a ceremonial hammer stamped "1868-1968" which was issued in commemoration of the company's 100th anniversary. The factory on Breed Street in the South Side district of Pittsburgh burned shortly thereafter (I believe in the early 1970s). Subsequently, there were several mergers and acquisitions; the forging equipment, dies, etc. were transferred to surviving entities which, even today, sells sledge hammers and assorted tools thru Walmart and various other retailers.