The Lavoris Chemical Company was founded on August 7, 1902 by Charles E. Leigh and William H. Levings in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its industry was mouthwash and its headquarters remained in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It was sold to the Vicks Corporation in 1961, who retained the "Lavoris" brand and dissolved the firm. In 1984, Lavoris was sold to Jeffrey Martin, Inc. who sold it to the Dep Corporation in 1987. In 1998 the "Lavoris" brand was acquired by Henkel AG & Company via its division Schwarzkopf & Dep, Inc. Charles Flora Consumer Products purchased Lavoris in 2003. In 2017, Evergreen Consumer Brands, Inc. a personal grooming products distributor based from Brampton, Ontario acquired the brand and continues to market Lavoris.



Lavoris Chemical Company (1902-1931)

Lavoris Company (1931-1961)



  • Lavoris Mouthwash (1902-1986)
    • Current Flavors
      • Fresh Peppermint
      • Fresh Spearmint
      • Original Cinnamon
      • Whitening Fresh Mint
    • Past Flavors
      • Clove
      • Natural Mint
      • (Original)
      • Tangy Cinnamon


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