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These companies are researched and placed on this wiki when I find them referenced in advertisements from old magazines and newspapers. Information is found in publications, online sources and

It is important to note that while most information is trusted as true, some dates may be incorrect because of conflicting or faulty sources.

If anyone who has information concerning a missing piece of information for a company, please leave a comment on that page. Missing information refers to when the company was founded, by whom, and where; when and if it was acquired by a different company, if it merged with another company, and when or if it went out of business; and finally if it changed its corporate name.


The Northern Furniture Company was a manufacturer of furniture based out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Founded as the Mattoon Manufacturing Co. in 1881 by George B. Mattoon, the company expanded during the early 20th century and was a prominent furniture maker on the east coast. The name was changed to R-Way in 1949 to better reflect the company's produce line. R-Way continued in operation until 1993 when its parent firm, Reiss Industries, consolidated its manufacturing into its nearby Watertown, WI. plant.


The Lavoris Chemical Company was incorporated on August 7, 1902 by Charles E. Leigh, William H. Levings and Weed Munro in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company manufactured Lavoris mouthwash in a variety of flavours. Today, Lavoris is sold by Evergreen Consumer Products.


The Martin-Senour Company has been a part of the Sherwin-Williams Company since 1917. Since its establishment in 1878, Martin-Senour has become a well-known brand in the paint industry and is offered exclusively through NAPA Auto Parts.

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