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The National Lock Company was founded on May 5, 1903 by Levin Faust, P. A. Peterson and Frank G. Hogland in Rockford, Illinois. Its industry was locks and hardware and its headquarters remained in Rockford, Illinois. The company merged with the Rockford Lathe & Drill Company in 1924. In 1939, the company was acquired by the Keystone Steel & Wire Company. National Lock was broken down into two divisions in 1969: the Fastener Division and Hardware Division. The Anchor Hocking Corporation, through its subsidiary Amerock Corporation, acquired the door lock operation (Sikeston, MO.) of National Lock in 1984 and its cabinet hardware division (Spartanburg, SC.) in 1986. The National Cabinet Lock division was sold to Valhi, Inc. in 1986 and reorganized as a division of CompX International, Inc. in 1993. In 1988, the remaining assets of National Lock were acquired by the newly-formed Nalcor Inc.


  • Mosow Screw Company (acquired 1964)
    • Mosow Screw Division (1964-1967)
    • Delta Metal-Forming (1967-1977)


  • Goshen, Indiana (1982-1986) (National Lock Fasteners division or Goshen MetalCrafters)
    • Production moved back to Rockford in 1986
  • Mauldin, South Carolina (1982-1986) (National Cabinet Lock division)
  • Rockford, Illinois (1903-1988)
  • Sikeston, Missouri (1969-1984) (National Door-Lock division)
  • Spartanburg, South Carolina (1983-1986) (National Lock Cabinet Hardware division)


  • "National Lock" Hardware
    • Door Catches
    • Door Handles
    • Door Pulls
    • Door Strikes
    • KEPS Nuts
    • SEMS Screws
  • "Rockford" Sash Pulleys