Oneida, Ltd.


Oneida, Ltd. was founded on January 1, 1881 by John H. Noyes and members of the Oneida Community in Oneida, New York. It's industry is tableware and its headquarters were in Oneida, New York (1880-2017) and Lancaster, Ohio (2017-present). The company filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and was acquired by Monarch Alternative Capital. In 2011, it was acquired by Monomoy Capital Partners who merged it with Anchor Hocking LLC in 2012, forming EveryWare Global Inc. as a holding company.


  • Oneida Community Ltd. (1881-1935)
  • Oneida Ltd. (1935-present)


  • "Community" China Dinner Plates
  • "Community Plate" (tableware)
    • Adam
    • Bird of Paradise
    • Deauville
    • Georgian
    • Grosvenor
    • Lady Hamilton
    • Noblesse
    • Paul Revere
  • "Newhouse" Animal Traps
  • "Tudor" Plate (tableware)
  • Weldless Steel Chain
    • "American"
    • "Eureka"
    • "Niagara"


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