The Oshkosh Trunk Company was founded in March 1902 by C. H. Paxton, George Hilton, and William E. Krippene in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Its industry was trunks and its headquarters remained in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In 1918, the Belber Trunk & Bag Company acquired the firm. It was owned by Belber until 1930. In 1939 the Oshkosh Trunks Corporation was formed as a holding concern and was purchased by the Plotkin Brothers. Oshkosh was shut down in 1961 and dissolved the following year.



Oshkosh Trunk Company (1902-1930)

Oshkosh Trunks, Inc. (1930-1939)

Oshkosh Trunks & Luggage, Inc. (1939-1962)

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