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Philip Morris & Company was founded in 1881 by Leopold Morris and Joseph Grunebaum in London, England. Its industry was tobacco and its headquarters was in New York City, New York.

In April 1902, the Philip Morris Corporation was incorporated in New York City, New York by George Eckmeyer and ownership was split 50/50 by American and British control. In 1909 it was reincorporated as Philip Morris & Company, Ltd. In 1919 a new company was set up by George J. Whelan in Virginia and acquired the American and British companies. The company reorganized in 1967 and a new holding company was created called Philip Morris, Inc. to operate three divisions: Philip Morris Domestic, Philip Morris International, and Philip Morris Industrial.


Philip Morris & Company and Grunebaum, Ltd. (1881-1885)

Philip Morris & Company, Ltd. (1885-1919)

Philip Morris & Company, Ltd. Inc. (1919-1955)

Phillip Morris (1955-1967)


  • Philip Morris Cigarettes (1881-1967)

Note: Philip Morris cigarettes were first made in 1847 by Philip Morris in London, England.