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The Radio Corporation of America also known as RCA was founded on October 17, 1919 from the assets of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company and Pan-American Telegraph Company formed by the General Electric Company. Its industry was electronics and its headquarters was in New York City, New York. It was owned by General Electric until 1930. It was again acquired by GE in 1986 who divided the company up. The company doesn't exist anymore but is still branded by a number of companies.


  • RCA Laboratories
  • RCA Sales Corporation
  • RCA Service Company
  • RCA Victor Company, Ltd.
  • RCA Victor Distributing Corporation
  • RCA Victor Home Instruments Division


  • Radio Corporation of America (1919-1969)
  • RCA Corporation (1969-1986)


  • "Duo-Rectron"
  • "Radiola"
    • Model 25
    • Model 28
    • Model 30
  • "Radiotron"
    • (UX-201-A, UX-240, UV-199, UX-199, WD-11, WD-12) detector amplifier
    • UX-200-A detector
    • (UX-120, UX-112, UX-171) power amplifier
    • UX-210 power amplifier oscillator
    • (UX-213, UX-280) full-wave rectifier
    • (UX-216-B, UX-281) half-wave rectifier
    • UX-226 A.C. filament
    • UY-227 A.C. heater
    • UX-874 voltage regulator tube
    • (UV-876, UV-886) ballast tube
  • "RCA" Loudspeaker Model 104
  • "Victrola" Radio-Phonograph