The Rexall Drug Company was founded in 1901 by Louis K. Liggett and 40 druggists/investors in Boston, Massachusetts. Its industry was pharmaceuticals and its headquarters was in Los Angeles, California. It had a holding company called United Drug, Inc. which changed its name to United-Rexall Drug, Inc. In 1985, Rexall was acquired by Sundown Vitamins. In 2000, it was acquired by Royal Numico N.V. who sold it to NBTY, Inc. in 2003.



Drug Merchants of America (1901-1902)

United Drug Company (1902-1945)

United-Rexall Drug Company (1945-1959)

Rexall Drug & Chemical Company (1959-1969)

Dart Industries, Inc. (1969-1993)

Rexall Sundown, Inc. (1993-2000)


Cara Nome Face Powder (8 shades)

Cara Nome Perfume

Cara Nome Beauty Program Kit

Rexall Alco-Rex

Rexall Epsom Salts

Rexall Stork Nurser

Quik-Tel Fever Thermometer

Rexall Hydrogen Peroxide, USP

Wickstyle Household Deodorant

No. 6 Pine Oil Disinfectant

Lord Baltimore Portfolio

Kantleek Standard Hot Water Bottle

Kantleek Combination Syringe

Rexall Ammoniated Tooth Paste

Rexall Deluxe Tooth Brush

Rexall Klenzo Antiseptic

Rexall Denturex Adhesive Powder

Cara Nome Hormone Powder

Cara Nome Face Powder

Cara Nome Lipstick

Helen Cornell Cream Shampoo

Stag After-Shave Lotion

Rexall Cocoanut Oil Shampoo

Rexall Milk of Magnesia (and tablets)

Stag Brushless Shave Cream

Rexall Reel-Roll Cotton

Cara Nome Hand Cream

Rexall Aspirin

Bisma-Rex Mates

Kitchen-Fresh Cottage Chocolates

Rexall Mi-31

Rexall Analgesic Balm

Rexall Cod Liver Oil

Rexall Nose Drops

Rexall Boric Acid

Rexall Antihistamine Tabs

Rexall Plenamins

Rexall Corn Solvent

Rexall Puretest Mineral Oil

Rexall Castor Oil

Glycerin Suppositories

Rexall Glycerin & Rose Water


Rexall Petrofol

Rexall Eyelo

Rexall Hygienic Powder

Rexall Quik-Bands

Rexall Mercurochrome

Rexall Pro-Cap Adhesive Tape

Rexall FirstAid Gauze Bandage

Rexall FirstAid Absorbent Cotton

Rexall Surgical Powder

Rexall Tincture Iodine

Rexall Beta Caps

Rexall Yeast & Iron Tablets

Rexall Ascorbic Acid Tabs

Dicalcium Phosphate Compound w/ Viosterol

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