The Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Company was founded in 1839 by H. E. Russell, Cornelius B. Erwin, and Frederick T. Stanley. It manufactured door locks, padlocks, and other door hardware. It's headquarters was in New Britain, Connecticut. In 1902, it merged with the P. & F. Corbin Company to form the American Hardware Corporation as a holding company. American was purchased by the Emhart Corporation in 1964 who later sold it to Assa Abloy AB.


Stanley, Russell & Company (1839-1840)

Matteson, Russell & Company (1840-1846)

Russell & Erwin (1846-1851)

Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Company (1851-1902)

Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Company, American Hardware Corporation (1902-?)

Corbin Russwin (?-)


Door Handle

Knob and Escutcheon (1875-1935)

Unit Lock

Door Closer