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The Stearns & Foster Company was founded in 1846 by George S. Stearns and Seth C. Foster in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its industry was cotton products and mattresses and its headquarters remained in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was acquired by the Ohio-Sealy Mattress Manufacturing Company on December 21, 1983. The mattress manufacturing operation at its Lockland plant was shut down in September 30, 1993. Sealy continues to market "Stearns & Foster" brand mattresses.

The non-woven textiles unit was sold to Morley P. Thompson, Sr. on September 4, 1985 and was renamed Stearns & Foster Technical Textiles Company. It shared space with the Sealy-owned Stearns & Foster operations in the Lockland plant. It changed names again to Stearns Technical Textiles Company in 1986. It filed for bankruptcy in December 2001 and sold its consumer products business to Leggett & Platt, Inc. in 2003. The company shut down soon after and its equipment and plant were auctioned off in January 2004.


  • Lockland, Ohio (1882-2003)


  • Mountain Mist Glazene Quilt Cotton (introduced 1929)
  • Stearns & Foster Mattresses