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Taylor Instrument Companies was founded in November 1851 by George E. Taylor and David Kendall in Rochester, New York. Its industry is water control instruments and its headquarters were in Rochester, New York (1851-2000) and Warminster, Pennsylvania (2000-present).

It merged with the Ritter Pfaudler Corporation in 1968 and became part of the newly created Sybron Corporation. It was later sold to Combustion Engineering Inc. in 1983. In 1989, Combustion Engineering was taken over ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., and in 1990 the Taylor company was split up into two parts: ABB Kent-Taylor (merger between Taylor Instruments and ABB Kent Industrial Measurements) and ABB Industrial Systems.



  • Taylor Instrument Companies of Canada, Ltd. (1930-1975) (Toronto, Ontario)


  • Rochester, New York
  • Asheville, North Carolina (became Sybron Medical Products Division in 1978, closed 1987)
  • Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (1985-1993)
  • Toronto, Ontario


  • Kendall & Taylor (1851-1853)
  • George Taylor (1853-1861)

(In 1861 George Taylor exited the industry and became a shoe dealer before returning in 1866)

  • Taylor & Richardson (1866-1872)
  • Taylor Brothers (1872-1890)
  • Taylor Brothers Company (1890-1907)
  • Taylor Instrument Companies (1907-1968)
  • Taylor Instrument Company (1968-1989)
  • Taylor Instruments Division (1989-1990)
  • ABB Kent-Taylor Inc. (1990-1996)
  • ABB Instrumentation Inc. (1996-present)


  • Taylor Fat Frying Thermometers
  • Taylor Home Candy Makers' Thermometers
  • Taylor Oven Thermometers
  • Taylor Radial Scale Thermometers
  • Taylor Sugermeters
  • Taylor Temprite Window Thermometers
  • Tycos Barometers
  • Tycos Bath Thermometers
  • Tycos Battery Hydrometers
  • Tycos Chargeometers
  • Tycos Compasses
  • Tycos Hydrometers
  • Tycos Fever Thermometers
  • Tycos Frost Alarm Thermometers
  • Tycos Office Thermometers
  • Tycos Pyrometers
  • Tycos Stormoguide
  • Tycos Wall Thermometers