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The Thermoid Rubber Company was founded in 1881 by Frank A. and Allen Magowan in Trenton, New Jersey. Its industry was brake lining and tires and its headquarters were in Trenton, New Jersey (1881-1958), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1958-1988), Bellefontaine, Ohio (1988-1999) and Dublin, Ohio (1999-present).

In 1958, the company was acquired by the H. K. Porter Company and consolidated with its Quaker Rubber division, renamed the Thermoid division. In 1967, manufacturing was moved from Trenton to Bellefontaine, Ohio. A new company, HBD Industries, Inc., was spun off from H. K. Porter in 1988 and acquired the Thermoid division.


Trenton Rubber Company (1881-1909)

Thermoid Rubber Company (1909-1929)

Thermoid Company (1929-1958)

Thermoid Division (1958-1986)

Thermoid, Inc. (1986-1988)

Thermoid/HBD Industries, Inc. (1988-2004)

HBD/Thermoid, Inc. (2004-present)



  • Steel Grip Wire Wound
  • Testoid Gasoline Hose
  • Thermoid Brake Linings
  • Thermoid Car Mats
  • Thermoid Clutch Facings
  • Thermoid Crolide Compound Tires
  • Thermoid Fan Belts
  • Thermoid Gasoline Hose
  • Thermoid Radiator Hose
  • Thermoid-Hardy Universal Joints
  • Thermoid Hydraulic Compressed Brake Lining