Hello! My name is Evan and I am passionate about corporate histories and the conservation of that information for the future. This wikia was started by me as a hobby back in 2013 when I was 15 years old. I collected old magazines and newspapers and loved the vibrant and colorful advertisements found inside. After trying to research some of the companies behind these advertisements I discovered that a lot of information was not easily found online. So I decided to create my own wiki and do the research myself. And believe it or not I find it fun! In 2018, I started paying for a subscription to Newspapers.com which has allowed me to find old forgotten information on a lot of companies and expand existing pages. Unfortunately, some companies are so obscure (too old, short lifespan or minimal impact on society) that I am unable to find everything that I'd like to add. But that is why I'm making an effort to put their name out there so that people can help and fill in the blanks.

Feel free to message me if you'd like a company researched or if you have information that will help out an existing page. Thank you for visiting! :)

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