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The Wahl Company was founded on August 19, 1905 by John C. Wahl, George J. Kuechler, C. M. Armstrong and A. K. Hohn in Chicago, Illinois. Its industry was writing instruments and razors (originally calculating machines) and its headquarters were in Chicago, Illinois (1905-1958), Culver City, California (pen business) (1958-1968) and Milford, Connecticut (razor business) (1958-1970). In 1920, Wahl sold its adding machine business to the Remington Typewriter Company. In 1940, Wahl merged with its subsidiary, Eversharp, Inc., whose name was retained for the new company. In 1958, the writing instrument division was sold to the Parker Pen Company, leaving Eversharp entirely in the safety razor and blade business. In 1968, the Eversharp division of Parker Pen was shut down. In 1970, Eversharp's razor business was acquired by the Warner-Lambert Company and the remaining assets of Eversharp were put into a new business called Frawley Enterprises, Inc.

In 2012, the Wahl-Eversharp Company was founded after acquiring the rights to manufacture Wahl-Eversharp pens.


  • Enzomedic Laboratories
  • Eversharp of Canada Ltd. (1970-1980) (Under Warner-Lambert)
    • Eversharp Canada Inc. (1980-2007)
  • Eversharp, Inc. (1914-1940)
  • Eversharp International, Inc.
  • Eversharp, Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario)
    • Wahl Company, Ltd. (earlier name)
  • Eversharp, Ltd. (London, England)
    • Wahl Eversharp Company, Ltd. (earlier name)
  • Eversharp Pen Company Ltd. (Canadian) (Under Parker Pen)
  • Kimberly Corporation (manufacturer of Eversharp ball-point pens) (1955-?)
  • Schick Safety Razor Company (1946-1970)


  • Wahl Adding Machine Company (1905-1914)
  • Wahl Company (1914-1940)
  • Eversharp, Inc. (1940-1970)
  • Eversharp Pen Company (1958-1968) (under Parker Pen)


  • "Eversharp" Pencils
  • "Wahl" Desk Sets
    • "Pedrara" Onyx Base w/ Wahl Rosewood Rubber Pen & Gold-filled Letter Bracket (3½ x 6 in.)
    • "Pedrara" Onyx Base w/ Wahl Rosewood Rubber Pen (4¾ x 7½ in.)
    • "Pedrara" Onyx Base w/ 2x Wahl Rosewood Rubber Pens (6 x 11 in.)
    • "Portoro" Marble Base w/ Wahl Ladies' Black Pen (2⅞ in. round base)
    • "Portoro" Marble Base w/ Wahl Ladies' Black Pen (2½ in. square base)
  • "Wahl-Eversharp" Combination Sets
    • Ladies' Gold (Dart design) Pen & Pencil
    • Ladies' Royal Blue "Pyroxalin" Pen & Pencil w/ Ring
  • "Wahl" Pens
    • "Five-Spot" Rosewood Rubber