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The Watson-Stillman Company was founded in 1848 (incorporated 1901) by Eliphalet Lyon in New York City, New York. Its industry was hydraulic machinery and equipment and its headquarters were in New York City, New York (1848-1904) and Aldene, New Jersey (1904-1954). Aldene is now a neighborhood within Roselle, NJ.

The firm was acquired by the H. K. Porter Company in 1952 and split into two divisions: Watson-Stillman Co. and Watson-Stillman Fittings Division, both in Roselle. In 1955, it was purchased by the Farrel-Birmingham Company and its operations were moved to Rochester, New York. The Fittings Division of H. K. Porter was shut down in 1960. By 1968, Farrel was acquired by the USM Corporation and in 1983, the product line of Watson-Stillman was sold to John W. Conlon, a private investor, as Farrel had discontinued the use of the "Watson-Stillman" name. The product line was transferred to the Farmington Manufacturing Company who continue to sell its products.


  • 202 East 43rd Street, New York City, NY. (1900)
  • 46 Dey Street, New York City, NY. (1904)
  • 26 Cortland Street, New York City, NY. (1908)
  • 190 Fulton Street, New York City, NY. (1917)
  • 38 Church Street, New York City, NY. (1925)


  • E. Lyon (1848-1859)
  • Dudgeon & Lyon (1859-1860)
  • E. Lyon & Company (1860-1886)
  • Watson & Stillman (1886-1904)
  • Watson-Stillman Company (1904-1954)


  • Hydraulic Machinery
    • Jacks
    • Pumps
    • Punches
    • Presses
      • 4000-ton
    • Rail Benders
    • Shears
  • "Pax-Tite" Leather Packings
  • Valves & Fittings