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The Youngstown Pressed Steel Company was founded on July 20, 1894 by John O. Pew in Youngstown, Ohio. Its industry was metal fabrications and its headquarters were in Youngstown, Ohio (1894-1937) and Warren, Ohio (1937-1956). The company was acquired by the Sharon Steel Hoop Company in 1917. At the same time, the Youngstown Pressed Steel Company was formed by Sharon to consolidate the pressed steel establishments operated by the Youngstown and Sharon companies. In 1918, the Pressed Steel company acquired the remaining assets of Youngstown Iron & Steel. In 1937, the firm was merged with the Mullins Body Corporation. In 1956, both Mullins and Youngstown were acquired by the American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corporation, and were operated as the Youngstown Kitchens Division. In 1962, Mullins gained control of Youngstown Kitchens and consolidated its operation into its Salem, Ohio plant. In 1975, the division was sold to Kessler Industries, Inc.



  • Lowellville, Ohio
  • Warren, Ohio
  • Youngstown, Ohio


Youngstown Iron & Steel Roofing Company (1894-1911)

Youngstown Iron & Steel Company (1911-1918)

Youngstown Pressed Steel Company (1917-1956)


  • Barrel Heads
  • Brake Drums
  • Clutch Discs
  • Compound Boxes
  • Crank Cases
  • Cultivator Shields
  • Danielson's Patented Pressed Steel Plow Singletrees & Doubletrees
  • Harrowtooth Clamps
  • Hatch Cleats
  • Housing Covers
  • Hub Flanges
  • Land Roller Heads
  • Lever Latches
  • Lift Truck Platforms
  • Radiator Shells
  • Seats
    • Danielson's Patented Tilting Seat
  • "Sharon" Base Bead
  • Step Hangers
  • Tank Heads
  • Tool & Weight Boxes
    • Danielson's Improved Disc Harrow Weight Boxes
      • No. 2 Top Flanged Tool Box
  • Wheel Discs
  • Wheels
    • Furrow
    • Gong
    • Industrial Car
  • "Youngstown & Parker" Corner Bead
  • YPS Coal Doors
  • YPS Copper Steel Basement Windows
  • YPS "Min-A-Kitchen"
  • "Zee" & "Ideal" Rib Metal Lath